Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Pictures of the Family

It's been so long since I've uploaded any twin pictures. The truth is we hardly ever even TAKE pictures. (It so true what they say about big families. There are always tons of pictures of the first born and then as you go down the line, less and less. Poor little Jessica!)

As I was posting my "new" pictures I realized that I haven't taken any side by side pictures of the twins! Darn! That will be my next photo assignment. Sorry about that.


Pete said...

Speaking as the youngest of 4 siblings, I can relate to the lack of baby photos. Hallelujah for therapy.

Pete Meyers

D. Steven Lee said...

Thanks Pete. It is good that I have a degree in Psychology.

Valentina said...

Love the pics! The twins are looking so much like Steve!

Lizette said...

Who has time to take pictures ;o) The twins are just beautiful!