Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reflection on 9/11

I just watched a video about 9/11 that a friend posted on Facebook. Wow. I will certainly never forget that day.

I had recently returned to work after the birth of our 2nd, our son, Stevie. Of course, immediately after the disaster, news started traveling fast around the office. Our AV department set up the TV in the cafeteria; many people left for the day - worried about family members in NY and probably a bit worried for their own welfare too. I don't remember the details of whether Steve & I left early that day or if our company let everyone leave early, but what I do remember so vividly are the feelings of sadness, fear, worry and gratitude I had that night.

That night we went to bed pretty early - tired and overwhelmed by sadness after watching so many hours of those awful images on TV. In Miami that night there was a terrible thunderstorm. The thunder sounded like bombs to me. I remember crying in bed, nursing my little baby boy lying next to me (4 months old), and thinking that for sure the world was coming to an end.

I remember thinking that the thunderstorm and rain were the anger and tears of God for what had happened that day. As I thought about the end of world, I remember being grateful that I had been blessed to experience marriage, the birth of a daughter and the birth of a son. And then my thoughts turned to those that had lost a spouse, a child, a parent in the events of that terrible day. I prayed that they would find peace and comfort - but I imagine that even today, 9 years later, the loss is as difficult as ever.

So today, I pray for them once again. I also pray for peace and for God's wisdom to guide our leaders, so that we never have to experience another 9/11.