Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Pictures of the Family

It's been so long since I've uploaded any twin pictures. The truth is we hardly ever even TAKE pictures. (It so true what they say about big families. There are always tons of pictures of the first born and then as you go down the line, less and less. Poor little Jessica!)

As I was posting my "new" pictures I realized that I haven't taken any side by side pictures of the twins! Darn! That will be my next photo assignment. Sorry about that.

All in a Days Work

So I went back to "work" on July 29th. I think we are sort of settling into the new routine, which I must say is a bit hectic.

The routine at night for getting ready for the next day is LONG. By the time I know it it's close to midnight (I think the earliest I got to bed last week was 11pm). Then at 5:15am it's time to get up so I can pump. (somewhere in between there Steve and I are waking up to feed the babies; some nights they do sleep through, though). After I pump first thing, then it's time to feed the babies, change diapers, and dress them. Then get myself dressed & ready. Get the other kids dressed. Get breakfast for the other kids. Pack all the stuff for daycare (the bottles and any other supplies). Wash and pack my pump equipment. Drop off the "big kids". Get to the daycare around 7:30. Go to work. Pump twice at work. Since I "ONLY" work 30 hours, I leave around 2. When I get to the daycare to pick them up it's about the time for the babies to eat so I stay there to give one of them their bottle. When done, go to Sofia's classroom to pick her up. Leave the daycare with Sofia and the twins. Get home and wash bottles. (Refer to picture above.) Put away pumped milk and wash pump. Meantime the babies are fussing and Sofia wants a snack or wants to go to the potty (She wants to be a big girl now and it's the worse possible timing for potty training.) Next thing I know, it's time for the babies to eat again. And time to pump!

The easy part of the day are the hours I spend at work. I can eat my lunch without much interruption. I can go to the bathroom when the urge arises. I can hear myself think. It's actually quite refreshing! LOL

It's getting a little easier every day. Of course, a new challenge is right around the corner... BACK TO SCHOOL. So we'll need to add homework, school projects and school social activities in the mix.

What I've learned most from the experience of having twins is our ability to adapt. Many people ask, "how do you do it?" And the answer is simply: You just do it. (Those Nike people are geniuses.)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hot NEW topic: Chores? (not really)

Tio Ian asked me to write about some chores I now have to do but the thing most of the
chores here are easy or fun or BOTH!!! here are my sort of chores

1 Holding babies. (one at a time)
2 Feeding babies. (one at a time)
3 Getting bottles.

and that is it.