Sunday, July 6, 2008

Before you read this, read the post below

As you heard we just arrived from our little vacation. I am bringing some details and questions about our landing.

Q 1 :Did Sofia really spill our glue on the table after we got home?

Yes, it is true. It all started when we had let Sofia watch
some TV. She looked as if she was glued to it. So me and
Stevie went on the computer. 5 min. later we here "No Sofi."
from a tired voice. We assumed it was mom. We walk over
and there is Sofia; sitting in a pool of glue and markings
of orange marker on her new shirt and pants. :( NO!!! ):

Q 2 : Did anything else happen?

Yes. Me and Stevie went in the pool at home. when we
got out a disgusting baby lizard ran in but then Super angel
(our cat or maybe to you our devil) trapped her and then
he ran outside. Stevie went inside but when wanted to close
the door the little guy squeezed into the door hole. So my
brother went outside (thinking the lizard was dead) and
grabbed him by the tail and then he said "AHH HE IS ALIVE!"
then he through it on to the grass and runs inside saying "HE

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