Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Video Post

At school they opened a contest to the students to create a video to promote reading. The rules of the contest were that the video needed to be created 100% by the students, no help from parents (including filming!) So Gabi got together with a couple of friends and create this masterpiece. What most impresses me about Gabi is that she is fearless. She has never filmed or edited a video and yet she got this done 100% on her own. Found the software to edit, figured out on her own how to use it, and did it. AND dit it well! I am so proud of this girl. She never fails to amaze me. I love you, Gabi.


Unknown said...

lmfao that was awesome! my favorite part was sofi on the treadmill.. "feel the burn...feel the burn...feel the burn"

Denise Laborde said...

Awesome longshot! How many takes did it get to hit the baseball on the 1st try?

Great job :)

Mary L. said...

@Taylor - That's my favorite part too. That and Jessica's "Get out!"

@Denise - it wasn't too bad! only took about 5 takes! Thanks!

Emily said...

gabi u didn't put for the cast thing
Sophia Lee tredmil kid
and me adriana gabi and stevie called the pitcher (my brother) the ninja pithcher

Ashley Justin said...

This is amazing and hilarious! great job gabi

Mary L. said...

Thanks Elle!
Hi Emily! Sorry, this was not the final version that Gabi turned into school. I need to upload that one when she gets it back from school.

Guess what everyone? The video won! Way to go, girls!

Unknown said...

I looked at the video several times to make sure I wasn't imagining how good it was. It's an amazing ad even for a professional. Each time I enjoyed it more and congratulate the director and budding actors and actresses!

Way to go, Gabi!

Mary Catherine

annieb said...
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annieb said...

I'm just seeing this now and it is BRILLIANT! Seriously impressive and it really made me laugh. Good job, Gabi!