Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sofia Marie

The picture says it all... if you've never met Sofia here are some words that would describe her: foot-loose, loving, cuddly, affectionate, LOUD, energetic, intelligent, manipulative, beautiful, exciting, hilarious. It was very much a surprise when we found out we were expecting Sofia. Things that went through my mind - - Stevie and Gabi would be turning 5 and 7 years old by the time this baby would be born; I had given away ALL my baby gear (crib, highchairs, bouncy seat, etc) about 1 month before I found out I was expecting. I wondered how we would handle 3 kids - emotionally, financially and from a time perspective. I was worried about "starting over" just when Gabi and Stevie had reached a wonderful level of independence.

Then I met Sofia - on March 20th, 2006. Born the same day (amazingly) as her big sister Gabi but 7 years later. I clearly remember the first moment I held her in my arms and really looked at her (it was a moment shortly after the birth when all the hospital staff had left the room and Steve had also stepped out of the room to talk to family members.) I looked at her beautiful blue alert eyes and the first thing that crossed my mind (seriously) was - omg, you are a genius. She just seemed so smart to me for a newborn! And I thought it was no small coincidence that Sofia means "wisdom." And every day since then she continues to prove to us just how smart (and smart-alecky) she is!


Mary L. said...

This picture is from 10/31/09 when I took Gabi, Stevie and Sofia to the zoo. We passed this fun fountain area where children in bathing suits were running around and playing. I felt bad that I hadn't packed the kids' swimsuits, but Sofia didn't mind. Before I could even give permission, she was stripping down to her skivvies and running through the fountain!

annieb said...

This is the perfect picture of Sofia! It captures everything.

Kiki said...

awww, Mary, if I hadn't already fallen in love with her at the recital, this would definitely do it!!