Saturday, October 17, 2009

Belly Pics

It's funny... for the over 4 years that I have spent pregnant, I have very few pictures to show for it! It was probably around the time that I was pregnant with Gabi that "belly pics" were really picking up popularity in the mainstream. But being a pretty modest and conservative person, I felt they were definitely not for me. Of course I also felt "fat" and didn't think I would want my stretch marks captured on film for posterity.

Now, looking back, and faced with the high probability that I will never have a beautiful, bulging pregnant belly again, I definitely regret not having taken more pictures.

So my advice to you pregnant mommas out there - take pictures! Take bare belly pictures! You don't have to go to a professional photographer. Take the pictures at home. You don't have to put them in an album or post them on Facebook or ever show them to anyone. But trust me, that some day you will think back and feel like - "wow, that was the best time ever.." And you will want to look at pictures of your big beautiful belly.

P.S. The picture above was taken on 4/19 when I was pregnant with the twins! Notice the exhausted look on my face. : )


Valentina said...

Wow -- reading your post made me feel really emotional. At some point in the pregnancy the weeks seem to start flying by (then they come to a crawl)and next thing you know you've hardly taken any pictures or video. I think about it all the time...but now that I've read the post...I'll try to be more proactive about it and not let it stay as a simple lingering thought.
BTW, exhausted or looked great!

Ian said...

What do you mean you may never have a bulging pregnant belly again? C'mon, what's one more? You know what they say... 'donde comen cinco, comen seis'.

Good post, I'm gonna take some pictures of valen's belly while she sleeps.

Mary L. said...

Thanks,Valentina! At that point I was completely pooped.

Ian - nice Spanish, but we are actually feeding "siete" if you count me and Steve. And I say, "donde comen siete, hay tremendo regajero!"

While you're at it taking pictures, also take some video of the Alien-like way the belly moves when the baby moves. That is so much fun! : )