Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Story

This is probably the longest story you will ever hear(from me).
As you can see we haven't posted in like FOREVER!
This is because:
a.) We have been busy
b.) We had stuff to do
c.) we are a family of 7 (just to remind you if you have forgotten)
d.) well all of the above AND more! But what's the point of a post
about why we haven't been posting?

As probably half of you know Nicole has been in the hospital and
today she just got out. YAY!!!!! :) ") (" :)") To me, when mom
and Nicole wasn't here, this was NOT a fair concept because this
means i had to get Sofi ready as well as myself while dad got
the baby ready and i was doing it WITHOUT MOMMY!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!
NOO!!!!!!!If you are still a kid this is a very scary concept.
Trust me!!! and 2 people were missing!! You could tell Jessica
missed her sister. Don't ask why you can just tell. It was
so cute when Nicole came home. Mom held both of them and nicole
was SOOOOO happy.


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