Saturday, September 13, 2008

4 month checkup

So, a little about the girls 4 month check up this week. I was there for 1 hour - it felt like forever. I must say, though, that these babies are so good. So it's not because of their behavior that the appointment felt so long.

As soon as I got there I had to use the bathroom. So I asked 1 of the medical assistants (MA) to watch them. When I came out, the stroller was surrounded by admirers and Jessica & Nicole were loving the attention. (all smiles & coos) I went to the waiting area and a few minutes later, one of the MAs came by to ask if she could "borrow" one of the babies. If this had been my first child, I probably would have been pretty appalled, but I felt okay and let her "borrow" Jessica. Then another MA came by to borrow Nicole. They were shown to everyone in the office - "Look at these adorable twins!" - and I felt pretty proud. It was also nice to be able to "relax" while I waited but honestly, I was more tense thinking about someone else holding my babies.

Once we got called in, the check up went great. The doctor examines one baby at a time. Nicole weighs 14 lbs and Jessica weighs 14 lbs 2 oz. The doctor was very complimentary and kept saying what good babies they are, and how amazing their eye contact is, and how well they are using their hands, and how well they are growing. She even said, "Mrs. Lee it seems like any child would thrive in your household." It definitely made me feel good. (Of course I wonder if she says that to everybody!)

Then the bad part... the vaccines. The first vaccine was the 2nd dose of the oral vaccine for rotavirus. They both drank it pretty well, except, at the end, Jessica starting to have a coughing attack. (she has a cold). I think a combo of the syrup and the phlegm in her chest did it. I had 2 MAs in the room when she started to cough and I could see by their faces that they were scared. It did get scary because it seemed for a second that she couldn't breathe. I sat her on my lap and firmly patted her back until she was able to cough it out. Not fun.

Next was the vaccines via shots. Poor babies. Nicole went first and I held Jessica as I waited for the shots to be administered to Nicole (1 in each leg). You know how they say that with identical twins, sometimes if 1 is feeling pain the other can feel it? Well... not in our case! I swear that the second Nicole got the first shot and starting screaming, the biggest smile came over Jessica's face. That smile was soon gone when it was her turn for the shots. Both of them cried, of course, but I was able to quickly comfort them. Until....

... earring time. For those of you who are not from Miami or don't have a Hispanic background, it might seem really cruel to put earrings on babies. I can completely understand. It's very common here, though, and part of the culture for little girls to get their ears pierced young. It's so common, as a matter of fact, that it's done at the pediatrician's office. (I will come back to tell more about this story, but gotta run for now! Stay tuned!)

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Ian said...

Wild. I hope they didn't switch them while they were away from you. You need to get them tattooed. That's what I would do. Right across the forehead.