Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pet Peeve

I know this is going to be funny to me some day, but right now, it's my biggest pet peeve. I'm sure you will find this amusing.

When I'm holding 1 or both babies, this is my Sofia's favorite conversation:

Sofia: (pointing to twin A) "What's his name?" (You know how toddlers always mix up gender)
Me: "This is Nicole."
Sofia: (pointing to twin B) "And what's his name?"
Me: "That's Jessica."
Sofia: (pointing to twin A) "Annnnnddddd.... what's HIS name?"
Me: "Nicole."
Sofia: (pointing to twin B) "Annnnnnddddd.... what's HIS name?"
Me: "Jessica."

This goes on and on and on - ALL DAY - Sometimes I just ignore her and she just keeps asking the same question OVER and OVER again. Sometimes she will answer her own question and I SWEAR she knows she is answering wrong so that I will jump in and correct her. (e.g. Sofia - pointing to twin A "What's his name? Jessica??? Mama, is this Jessica??" Me - "NO! That's NICOLE! ARGHHH!!!")


annieb said...

Mary - This is HILARIOUS. I mean, annoying for you I'm sure, but funny to read!

Ian said...

that IS hilarious.. hehe

Valentina said...

Imagine when they can all talk!