Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Polls, polls and STILL more Poles!!!

Today I decided to make 5 polls.(one for each kid in this family)If you read this you MUST POST A COMMENT!

Out of all what is your favorite animal.

3.horned lizard

Your favorite drink...
1.orange juice.
3.coke (diet or regular)

I can not do any more polls for 2 reasons:

1.I'm tired
2.It's bed time so I'VE GOT TO GO!



Mary L. said...

Favorite animal (of those listed) = lion

Favorite drink: Coke (regular)

Gabi Lee said...

hello world!

annieb said...

Hi Lees - I tried to post a comment I guess I was unsuccessful! Ok, fave drink is definitely lemonade (not too sweet). Favorite animal of the ones listed is panda. And I suggest you go to Google video and search "panda sneezing" to see how cute they can be!

Ian said...

Animal: Panda
Drink: Coke
Favorite blog: Lee Family Blog!